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Medicate your cloud hangover if costs soared too high

The headache from a cloud hangover can be just as bad as a regular one. Thankfully, there is an IT equivalent to ibuprofen and water to help manage the costs.


DevOps platforms hone developer experience, yield ops wins

When IT ops teams centralized infrastructure automation behind developer-friendly self-service interfaces with DevOps platforms, developers weren't the only ones who benefited.

Why you should use a service mesh with microservices

Still on the fence about service mesh? See how it supports a microservices architecture and application deployments, along with the other benefits it brings to an organization.

6 use cases for Docker containers -- and when to pass

From app testing to reducing infrastructure costs and beyond, Docker has many great use cases. But developers should remember that, like any technology, Docker has limitations.

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    Update incident response runbooks to meet new requirements

    Incident response runbooks provide IT teams with the information needed to resolve common and serious incidents. Break a runbook down into flows to construct documentation.

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    ModelOps (model operations) is a holistic approach to building analytics models that can quickly progress from the lab to production.

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    The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is an open source software foundation that promotes the adoption of cloud-native computing.

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