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ALM for IT

Find expert tips here for IT operations and DevOps teams on ensuring app resources meet demand, applications and new app features scale and perform acceptably in production, and rapid iterations do not create maintenance issues. More about ALM for IT

IT Automation

The IT automation and orchestration topic center provides comprehensive resources on IT automation as well as processes and techniques to orchestrate IT tasks, and the skills required to manage them. Find news and tips covering automation tools, configuration management, as well as job scheduling here. More about IT Automation

IT Systems Management

The IT systems management topic center is dedicated to tools and technologies that enable more visibility into IT infrastructure, integration between IT management tools, tailored alerts for IT professionals and new areas of performance monitoring and management. Look here for expert tips and tech news. More about IT Systems Management

Hybrid and Multi Clouds

When implemented correctly, hybrid cloud benefits include the ability to scale up quickly during bursty periods and could offer cost savings over a fully hosted infrastructure. But hybrid cloud comes with the same concerns as public and private cloud, including security issues and management headaches, if not built properly. This topic covers all facets of hybrid cloud computing, from basics to best practices to tips for securing and managing your environment. More about Hybrid and Multi Clouds

DevOps Culture

Find resources on certifications and DevOps job skills that will enhance your career in the modern IT operations topic center. Get team organization and leadership strategies, tips on managing DevOps and traditional teams within the same IT organization, and ideas for beginning or improving your DevOps rollout. More about DevOps Culture

Scale-Out Apps

The distributed application architecture topic center offers advice and tips for IT operations professionals handling new application types and the methods by which distributed, scale-out applications are deployed. These include virtualization containers and microservices, event-driven computing, and cloud application management. More about Scale-Out Apps