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May 2014, Volume 3, Issue 5

Hyperconvergence emerges as a data center building block

Hyperconvergence is succeeding converged infrastructure technology for data centers that are fast, efficient and more hands-off for IT teams. This building-block approach bundles servers, storage and sometimes networking, which can be convenient -- but can also lead to the often-dreaded vendor lock-in.

Hyperconverged systems go beyond CI by adding grid software and a management interface. Smaller companies, or those seeking a simpler IT environment, are interested in hyperconvergence for scalability and easier management. Leading systems vendors are getting in on the action too, adding to the momentum for hyperconvergence.

Also in this May issue of Modern Infrastructure: The software-defined networking hype continues, but there's real technology available now. Plus, the latest on database availability finds that in-memory processing is more doable and more affordable than it used to be.

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